on April 4, 2018

Emerging through the tropic-laden horizon, America is about to experience a new era of Brazilian energy hitting the sand, streets, and runways of American fashion. KAPITZKY – crafted by Brazilian Designer, Florença Kapitzky – is opening up a new world of never before seen cuts, styles, combinations, and patterns that exude Brazilian excellence to American fashion.


With her deep background in Brazilian beach and rural culture Florença Kapitzky (nickname Flor) transcends the lackluster American fashion by twisting her own Brazilian intuition into each piece.  

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Flor Kapitzky acquired a refined taste for Brazilian culture as she spent most of her childhood on her family’s farm in Itabirito – Minas Gerais. Though she became infatuated with with horses and being in the great outdoors on the farm; Flor found her true escape in the art of styling and reading fashion magazines as a young girl. Her life growing up on the farm was not always easy as her mother was abusive until she was the age of 12. At that time, Flor was old enough to understand the value of self-empowerment and decided to take matters into her own hands by leaving her mother’s watch to become independent. Soon, her self-drive and adolescent independence lead her to eventually live under the healthy and harmonic watch of her father and stepmother – where she began to blossom into the young women that she became.  At the age of 17, Flor’s father and stepmother encouraged her to pursue her career in Law where she began studying to become a lawyer.


Soon after starting Law school, Flor was approached by a modeling agency by the age of 18 while roaming the city life in Brazil. For the following 4 years, Flor began her journey in the fashion industry working closely alongside Brazilian designers, allowing her to create a personalized sense of style for herself. Throughout the process, as she became saturated with the Brazilian fashion experience, people took notice to her own style, and her incredible ability to dress. Almost instinctively, she sparked an inspiration to dive head first into the fashion industry and pursue her dream to move up from a fashion model to a fashion designer. With luster in her eyes She immediately packed up and was jet set to the U.S to study English and go to school at Fashion Institute of Design in Los Angeles, California to find another new journey.

Flor knew in her heart that her self-determination, and internal compass would allow her to make the right decisions, meet the right people, and fulfill her vision in a matter of time. At the Fashion Institute of Design (FIDM), Flor was able to explore the American design dream of crafting and blending styles, cuts, colors, patterns, and seasons. She grew in love with the art of composing a beautiful mix of cultures that utilize fashion a form of expression. She cultivated a love of creating pieces that evoke a pop of Brazilian ecstasy in hopes that her men and women clothing, jewelry, and bathing suits would make people feel the upbeat vibe of Brazil. Florença found her outlet in the design of clothing that it became a natural gift for her to follow her emotion to create beautiful lines that flow together – and people really took notice.


Soon her inner #girlboss kicked in and she was off on her next wander-filled journey of bringing the beauty of Brazil to every day American fashion. A true vision of an empowered woman in modern day society – she got out of comfort arena, woke up from the day dram, and hit the desk to get her dreams in the works. She knew she had something fresh, something different, something universal, something America has never seen before, something that will leave a footprint from Brazilian culture – and she sure did it.


By 2017 KAPITZKY, LLC was in full swing with a goal to bring an edgy urban twist to a Brazilian tropic chic style.

Fashion is an expression of culture, independence, and self-empowerment, as each designer pours their own piece of their perspective of the world into each creation. Flor strives to create each piece with a direction that allows her followers to feel her drive for a new opportunity, and share the refreshing feeling of progressiveness that Brazilian culture has taught her.

With her Brazilian beach blood, her vast knowledge and eye for clean Brazilian swimsuit lines, cheeky trends, and vibrant patterns create a unified blend of the KAPITZKY look with her personalized touch to more of a classic, and edgier take on covering the ~goods~.


However, when designing each of her Brazilian inspired swimsuits, jewelry, and clothing, Flor wanted to make sure that the pieces held versatility throughout all seasons, while still bringing trends that have not hit American sand to date.


With the upcoming launch of Flor’s beautiful Brazilian cut swimwear, clothing, and metallic jewelry, KAPITZKY is bringing a never before seen blogging experience and Brazilian culture to the world of swimwear, street style, and accessories. Stay up to do date with the progress of each style, production, and trending and relevant newsworthy postings to stay in the loop!


KAPITZKY is hitting America hard with a Brazilian take to fashion progressiveness, follow us at @kapitzkyofficial to stay in the loop.


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