on June 4, 2018

Picture this: organic coconut oil in hand, skin is glowing from the hydrating glisten of your cheeks, the sun is warm on your bronzing skin as the air is filled with the scent of tropic ocean mist. And there is not a worry in the world because you are feeding your soul with NATURAL beauty enhancing elements of the earth.

When it comes to natural, confident, beauty, it’s important to GLOW from within beginning with vitamin-rich and eco-friendly products to ensure a NATURAL BEACH GLOW. Last week’s blog about Beach Body Confidence and achieving that healthy bikini body segues us into this week where SKIN IS IN and achieving a 360 glowing confidence entails a sun kissed “natural” makeup look.

Who doesn’t love FEELING good and having it radiate through your confident complexion? The key to feeling fully luminous from the inside out while hitting the beach or the pool, is to be glowing from the inside out. While soaking in the UVs and the natural moisture of the ocean air, it’s important to have an effortless makeup look that stands up to the earth’s elements. Take a closer look at NEW GAME CHANGING makeup techniques for Summer 2018 to achieve the most “natural” looking sun kissed glow.

The HOT up-and-coming PARABEN-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, CRUELTY-FREE organic makeup line- Katherine Cosmetics has created a SPECIALIZED SUNKISSED SUMMER GLOW LOOK using their latest makeup collections: K-Sport Collection, and the Giving Back Palette, these two uniquely designed makeup collections hold the values of natural and beneficial ingredients, long lasting flawless finish, all while empowering the community around.
Their specialized Giving Back Palettes donate $1 to the City of Hope which supports the care and treatment of cancer patients and their families. The K sport collection is specialized for a Sweat-proof, smudge-proof for long lasting wear as well as sun protection with their SPF 20 infused hydrating foundations

Katherine Cosmetics Beauty Manager, Heather Arnold, created a specific “Sun Kissed Natural Glow” look using the Katherine Cosmetics products that cultivate long lasting wear and a hydrated glow while empowering yourself and the community. HOW COOL IS THAT!?

NATURAL summer confidence is the key to an enjoyable summer so here are the steps to achieve the latest tricks to achieving the BRONZED GLOW.

The K-Sport WOW STICK – Color: Light

On a clean face, apply the light stick around cheeks, under eyes, forehead, and chin for a dewy, and hydrated canvas. With your FINGERTIPS, blend the WOW-Stick foundation into your skin.
PRO-TIP: to achieve a natural dewy finish, skip the foundation brush and apply with your fingertips. The oil from the finger tips help with absorption and blends better than synthetic fibers which ultimately hold onto the product more- than absorb into the skin.

*you can achieve this look with any hydrating foundation or tinted moisturizer using the same technique.

BONUS: using your fingertips requires less foundation which means you are SAVING money!

1-The K-sport WOW Stick – Color: Dark
To achieve the bronzed “Faux Tan” look, apply the darker stick or any darker foundation you have and blend into the check bone, temple, and jawline for a natural contoured bronze.
Blend with your fingertips.

After the WOW Sticks and concealer are blended with the fingertips, lightly buff out any excess oils or product around chin, under eyes, and forehead with a buff brush or sponge.

Using a lighter concealer, lightly blot the product under the eyes and the eyelids to open up the eyes. With the same technique as the WOW Stick, use your fingertips to blend underneath the eyes and eyelids.

Once the WOW Sticks and concealer are blended with the fingertips, lightly buff out any excess oils or product around chin, under eyes, and forehead with a buff brush or sponge.


Giving Back : Confidence Palette

1-Pressed Powder- Set the under eyes and eyelids with the pressed powder on the palette. Using a light eyeshadow brush, or a sponge, lightly press the powder to allow the skin to absorb the product to create sheer coverage.

2-Peach Blush- Using the Peach Blush in the palette, add the blush to the crease of the eyelid to lengthen the lid.

a-PRO-TIP – for a natural look, apply the same color blush to your eyeshadow to create a complete look.

3-Champagne Highlight- Using an eyeshadow brush, lightly apply the highlighter with full coverage on the lid and inner corners of the eye.

a-PRO-TIP: adding the same highlighter to your eyes, cheeks, and nose creates a natural cohesive look.

4-Bronzer- Lightly blend the bronzer from the palette on the brown bone and in between crease to diffuse the separation of the lid and crease color.

5-Mascara- lightly brush mascara to create a natural feathered eyelash look

1-FlapsDown Crème Blush- With the crème blush stick, use your fingertips to blend the blush around the apples of the cheeks. To keep a dewy glow, lightly taping the fingertip around the cheeks keep the cheeks looking naturally hydrated.

2-Confidence Palette Bronzer: brush the bronzer on to the cheek bone as it adds a light shimmery finish to the cheek.

3-Champagne Highlighter- Using the same highlighter as the eyelid, dust the highlight on top of the cheek bone and slightly above the blended blush

1-FlapsDown Crème Blush- Apply the same color crème blush to your tips for the PERFECT natural addition to match the cheeks and pull the entire face together.

2-K-Sport Lip Gloss “Swing”- Ok this is a SUMMER NECESSITY for the beach, pool, late lunch, or any summer spot while in the sun with its SPF 20 long lasting smudge-proof resistance. Swipe the peachy gold gloss for a sheer and dewy addition to your lips to pull the peach from your eyes.

BROWS: Brush your brows in upward strokes with a little gel or eyebrow wand to create wispy and effortless brows to top off the finished Sun Kissed Beach Bronzed look.

With KAPITZKY’s Brazilian designed mind, be sure to see these trends in our upcoming new swimwear line as KAPITZKY has the “in” on the upcoming swimsuit trends that have yet to hit the shores of America!

Stay tuned for more updates on blog posts and clothing launch through our Instagram: @Kapitzkyofficial


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