on April 10, 2018

IN THE HEAT OF THE WARMER SUN IT’S THE MOMENT WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR – the annual shed of our cracked, winter skin only to embrace the emerging sensation of dewy, melanin-coated suntans – ITS SPRING.

Ah, Spring

We can all anticipate the overly-saturated Coachella Instagram stories, white jeans, and the usual floral printed e v e r y t h i n g.

But with the the stronger UV rays, longer days, and more H2O activities, we are all truly anticipating THE SPRING BIKINI SEASON.

What many aren’t able to predict is what actually will be new on the scope of 2018 Spring swimwear fashion. Be the first to sport the chicest trends on your upcoming SPRING BREAK 2K18 Trip with these HOT hits to ensure effortlessly trendy combos for your upcoming vaycay:


It seems the classic 90’s crop top has rejoined modern fashion with the “effortless” front knot for an extra pop to every day wear. NOW, the 90’s knot look is peeking into Spring 2018 swimwear (minus the choker, Tamagotchi and Jellies) for a never before attempt to sporty chic and refined boho. This classic take on the knot will be extending to the shores and pools this year with the use of tie knots as an accentuation to the bust or waist in a slimming silhouette.

These KAPITZKY upcoming silhouettes are taking a sexy twist on monokinis and bikinis with the use of a front knot to quite literally tie together multiple styles and trends into one cohesive look. Some bathing suits will be more cut out than others, however the tie knot will incorporate the colors of each pattern to blend with each cut out to create a perfect highlight for your best features.  The knots are perfect for creating depth, and reshaping the silhouettes of each piece and each person who wears them.

PRO TIP: throw on a pair of micro-shades to complete the look with some cute platform sandals.


YES, they are back – however with a 2018 modern take of a powerful woman in the most sophisticated and tasteful manor possible – the classic ruffle accent. Plot twist: this season, expect BIGGER and VOLUMINOUS ruffles combined with the ever-so-popular cold shoulder look. Emphasizing the shoulders and trimming the waist, the power ruffle ensures a tasteful debut to your next pool party or typical summer beach spot. Rock that, paired with a sweet little woven witch hat for a little extra UV protection and major boho flair.

PRO TIP: The ruffle* *One Piece** is now spinning a sexy version of a modern boho look a.k.a. the perfect snag for #SpringBreak versatility where sipping margaritas by the pool can transfer into a night out bodysuit with just some high-waisted shorts or a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Bonus:  2018 swimwear is giving an extra cheeky bottom for a slim yet added spice to the usual monotonous one piece – a classy step into Spring Break as you slide to the beachside bar for another tequila with lime.



Speaking of sexy one piece – the bonus of 2018 is the rapid comeback of the high-cut bottoms paired with the Brazilian cheek-hugging styles that are here to STAY. Extra-strappy monokinis will be making a PLUNGE into Spring 2018 Swimwear with deep plunge necklines, risqué’ straps, and high-waist hip huggers; the one piece is sexier than EVER.

PRO TIP: Strappy one pieces and plunging necklines are the perfect opt for a fun body chain to highlight your fresh golden tan for a hue of gold.


We all remember the forever occurring multi-color explosion of bathing suits that reappear every season or so; but there is one trend that is heading over the American shores that create a more unique definition to the body shape through the use of color blocks instead of the silhouettes.

Color blocking with two definitive colors, and one solidified line, creates a harmonic blend of color and cutting-edge trims to create a perfect line to break up the figure with color.

PRO TIP: BLACK AND WHITE color blocking is best for most figures as the black and white colors provide a statement accent without being too busy on the eyes. Pair with transparent firetruck red shades for that ~edge~

With KAPITZKY’s Brazilian designed mind, be sure to see these trends in our upcoming new swimwear line as KAPITZKY has the “in” on the upcoming swimsuit trends that have yet to hit the shores of America!

Stay tuned for more updates on blog posts and clothing launch through our Instagram: @KapitzkyOfficial


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