How To Put An Edge To Spring 2018 Fashion (What Coachella Taught Us)

on April 18, 2018

What’s great about Spring is we already know what that means for the upcoming Spring and Summer trends – it’s easy. It’s simply science – The warmer the weather, the lighter the clothing.

We have the same 2 pairs of white jeans in the closet to pair with a lightweight, light colored top… BORING. What seems to be the most difficult part about the overly saturated bright florals or fabrics of pastels and whites, is bringing an edge into the mix.

In modern society, the official MARK OF THE SPRING BEAST is the ever so mystical land of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. As the universal hub of top trending Music, Arts, Foods, and FASHIONS, Coachella is the natural runway of self-expression to all hot fashions. Where Bohemian meets Vogue and Grunge meets Couture, Coachella allows us to gather what Spring and Summer fashion will look like and how to add and EDGE to it.

When we think of edge we think of the dark ominous tones of charcoals and blacks paired with slick gunmetal accents. Spring seems to be another another universe from street-edge, but from this year’s Coachella trends hitting the meadow, we are conveniently seeing 2018 pushing something new into the Spring/Summer trend forecast – the SOPHISTICATED GRUNGE.

What EDGY GRUNGE x SPRING 2018 has in store is a full different ballgame. So grab your popcorn, foam finger, and tailored dad hats because this Spring is bringing a new type of Dad-tastic, refined grunge that we saw front row at Coachella this first weekend.


The greatest edition to trends emerging this Spring is the tasteful silhouette of any Spring skirt/dress/jumper combined with a cute sneaker.

The best part about this new mashup is the versatility on the event debuts. Business on the top, party on the feet. It’s probably the best idea since Heelys on the user efficiency scale, but what’s best is we already have these sneaks on hand and ready to go with any style of a chic trend”

For a night out on the town or running to the mall:

  • A neutral pencil skirt
  • A white boho maxi
  • A plaid jumper
  • Pastel body con dress
  • Cute jean skirt

These are ALL perfect candidates for the classic Adidas, Vans, Converse, Jack Purcell,
and the list goes on for just a foundation of sneakers that are on the agenda of spring


Who knew Grandpa Joe’s favorite Disneyland walking shoes were about to make a headway back into couture fashion?? All can be harmonically paired with a micro-shade for a perfect grunge mix with Spring trends.

You will be seeing top designer brands like Balenciaga and Steve Madden recreating the “Dad Sneaker” this Spring/Summer.

ITS TRUE we can now look effortlessly effort-full with the HEAD TO TOE MIXED PRINT BECAUSE ITS 2018 -and the means of self-expression are shown through the mix of cultures, patterns and ideals. So tie that together with staples in your wardrobe that have similar coloring and you are set for mastering the new concept.

– CREATE A STORY with color. Make sense of your color coordination and who is
the main character in the story of color (pick one or 2 main highlighted colors in
each pattern to accent).
– Pull similar colors on the color wheel that will effortlessly pull off the mixed
pattern look.

– Pull together only 2 different patterns. One monochromatic systematic pattern,
and one loud, and busy pattern. Too much busy-ness can be overwhelming.
– Too many colors and busy patterns tend to overwhelm the silhouette – keep the
colors similar, and a balanced “loud” yet “simple” ratio.

  • Hombre x Polka Dots
  • Tribal x Stripes
  • Floral x Checkered
  • Abstract Geometric x Argyle

A gorgeous patterned jacket with tropical flowers in shades of red would pair
well with red and white striped tee.

Loud, vibrant floral skirt with hints of yellow and black and a subtle checkered black and white blouse to make the colors in the skirt pop.

PUT AN EDGE TO IT- with such bright colors and patterns together, simplicity is key to accessorizing. Break it up with one solid statement PATENT LEATHER PIECE.
Patent leather is perfect for printed outfits, that allow for a little zest to the edge. Patent leather belts, jackets, or boots add a little polish to a vibrant composition.

With the big time transparent/sheer look that has been hitting every wedding dress, formal event, and the basic sheer bodysuit look, THIS SPRING brings full length sheer veil with body suits as the slip. The sheer veil look is taking over every skirt, dress, shorts, top, swimwear, you name it. But with the sophisticated lace, sheer accents can be a very feminine take to Spring fashion

BUT what we weren’t’ expecting with the the combination of sheer and delicate lace, we pair it with an edgy accent …. something so opposite on the scale – A MAN HAT

Whether it’s a newsboy hat, a baseball cap, or a bucket hat or a beret – women are repping the man hat harder than ever seen before. From nights out on the town to running errands, the man hat look is taking a prominent stand.

But how do we put an EDGE to this delicate transparent look? Instead of pairing a full length sheer skirt with delicate jewelry, try a newsboy hat to add a little extra weight on top to pull the look together in a tasteful yet edge-defining way.

Translucent tops and body suits with embroidery are perfectly paired with a neutral baseball cap for a casual take to jeans and shorts. Perhaps tie a jacket around your waist or add a leather fanny pack to add grunge dad look

Or going out? Pair a beret with a sheer bodycon tight dress – add thick hoops for extra flair.
accent on top

If you think we’re meaning a cheesy metallic twist of Zenon girl of the future meets Electric Daisy Festival – you are wrong. SPRING 2018 is taking a tasteful route in shimmery suits and stunning gunmetal accents for a high-end look to swim wear fashion AND street fashion. With gunmetal making a huge headway into not only street fashion but also swimwear this year – metallics are carving an edgier side to Spring along with polished accents to make a statement.

A metallic bathing suit for the Spring will be the best statement piece to your vacation packing list, as a bikini top can be transformed into a cute accent bralette on your night out, or as a body suit for your day to sight see.

Gunmetal jewelry will be headlining Spring and Summer this year to pair with basically anything flowy, deconstructed, or boho. By pairing a chunky gunmetal throw on top of your beach cover up with some pastel slides, and a statement bag will pull together the most effortless look wherever you go.

BONUS: gunmetal matches with ANY other metals or jewelry so you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching your gold or silver. It all flows!

With KAPITZKY’s Brazilian designed mind, be sure to see these trends in our upcoming new swimwear line as KAPITZKY has the “in” on the upcoming swimsuit trends that have yet to hit the shores of America!

Stay tuned for more updates on blog posts and clothing launch through our Instagram: @KapitzkyOfficial

kap_adminHow To Put An Edge To Spring 2018 Fashion (What Coachella Taught Us)

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