on June 22, 2018

UGH ITS SO HARD BEING PRETTY IN 2018 – wanting that buttery natural looking tan- BUTHOW can you get that without leaving the shade and risking EVERYTHING you’ve maintained in your latest nutrient-rich skin routine. But wait, THAT’S RIGHT- in 2018 we don’t DO sun anymore. Fine lines, skin damage, and sun spots OH MY! High UV rays and low SPF is sooooooooooo outdated and quite frankly – SHADE is the new TAN. Increasingly, SKIN IS IN and sun damaged, leathery, dried date-looking skin is the L A S T on our summer TO-DO’s.

We all know (we hope) that TANNING BEDS are not the healthy alternative to getting out of the sun and achieving the bronze you want.

And oh what’s that? You have a regular spray tan girl that gives you TOXIC, orange, streaky, CHEMICAL-FILLED, tans?! SAVE IT. We don’t care or want to hear it.

Clogging your healthy pores with sticky chemicals is a recipe for aging, toxins, and an UN-NATURAL finish to your skin. You wonder why your spray tan is so unnatural looking?


We’ve been on a NATURAL BEAUTY kick for quite a few weeks now but what does Natural Beauty really even mean? NATURAL can certainly be bare skin, nothing but what the earth, sun, and mother gave you –  but there is SO MUCH MORE to natural O R G A N I C beauty and the means of achieving nutrient-rich, all organic, beauty – especially in the summer heat.

WE HAVE A LATEST SOLUTION FOR YOU as we have searched HIGH AND LOW for the hottest trending, nutrient and vitamin-rich, #selfcare motivating, deep skin invigorating, ALL ORGANIC trends to achieve the most NATURAL, REFRESHING – BRONZED SKIN. And we sure found it. This week, we had the pleasure of getting to know the GENIUS to achieving an all-natural organic spray tan, who has perfected her own recipe of an organic solution –

The brains behind the genius revitalizing addition to organic beauty- specifically in such a chemical rich industry using as tanning.

Alex Dexter, the women-powered, business owner of Bare Organic Airbrush Tan who crafted the perfect solution for an ALL NATURAL, perfect long lasting spray tan that ACTUALLY aids in your everyday #selfcare skin routine!  Being in the ever-changing tanning industry for over 10 years, Alex witnessed firsthand the harsh reality of high skin cancer rates through tanning beds as her own friend was diagnosed with skin cancer from tanning so much. Believe it or not- TANNING BEDS CAUSE CANCER!  (we know, we know – tell you something you didn’t know – WELL DID YOU KNOW!? Australia is the only country to make tanning beds ILLEGAL! They are seriously as damaging and cancerous as cigarettes.

After leaving the states with her Australian husband and moving to Melbourne, Australia, Alex discovered a huge gap in skin cancer rates and began studying the means of spray tanning to preserve beautiful skin. She found that spray tanning was a better alternative to tanning beds,

HOWEVER, through her process of spray tanning she found that the products she was using were full of toxic fumes that she began inhaling everyday while airbrushing her clients. Alex also noticed the slightly unnatural orange color that every spray tan product was producing.

Every solution she was using included either carrots, cocoa or beats which is what really produces that orange discoloration. Alex knew the industry desperately needed a “FEEL GOOD from the inside out” product without a super sticky, orange-tinted formula.

Alex KNEW there was a missing link to natural tanning so she took matters into her own hands, took out a loan, and hired her own chemist to PERFECT the best streak-free, all natural, and GORGEOUS tan solution. And then a year later, after trial and error of crafting the perfect combination, Alex launched her own brand BARE Airbrush Tanning – an all ORGANIC airbrush tanning solution turned salon!

AND BONUS! She created her own ON-THE-GO solution!! Uh genius?? Whether you’re about to go for a night out and want to tan your neck and shoulders with your tank, or just upkeep your vaycay tan with an all-natural streak free product that you can toss in your purse- ITS SUMMER CHANGING.

BARE is made from a sugar base that includes nutrient-rich vitamins to hydrate and enhance the glow of the skin while giving a refreshing scent. The sugar allows the skin to oxidize to create a long lasting effect from 7 to 12 days (including daily hot yoga!!!)

I don’t see why anyone DOESN’T have this in their purse right now or flocking to her adorable studio doors located in the Flowerhill Promenade of Del Mar, California .

Alex creates such a luxurious and customized experience for each client by tailoring each color solution to each person’s skin tone and body type. She even contours bodies using darker undertones to SCULPT and tighten the skin. Alex is not only a a mastermind to the art of tanning but knows how to nail the  the definition of ORGANIC BLISS.
Check out her on Instagram @bareorganicairbrushtan for more or call our local tanning salon to see if they carry BARE Organic Tanning solution!
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Stay tuned for more updates on blog posts and clothing launch through our Instagram: @KapitzkyOfficial


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