on December 24, 2018

Its that time of year again that we LIVVVEEEEE FOR.
The undeniable truth of every basic girl’s core, is that the holiday season holds a special place in our heart that warms us to our toes. It’s the time to break out the cute scarves, the turtlenecks, the spiced lattes, the UGG boots rolled down, Holiday flavored Dirty Chai from Starbucks, the treats, and not to mention: THE HOLIDAY PARTIES.

The chaos of the holidays can be stressful when it comes to performing the full top of the line “Martha Stewart” holiday faculty. Don’t worry – we get it. Brandi with the “I” is going to have the holiday party of the year with the eucalyptus wreaths making, and the scented candle party favors. You end up stressing more on what to bring or how you can even host your own holiday party than the actual party itself.

These holiday parties always need a little extra bump in their cocktail choice, with a espresso inspired cocktail.
Well, we are making it S I M P L E for you.

Stand out this holiday with the holiday cocktail of the season: Dirty Chai Cocktail ‘

Paired with our personal favorite Chai company from San Francisco, David Rio Chai is an exceptional take on the different flavored chai teas around the world. This specific chai product line is a great addition to the theme of “giving back” this holiday season and going forward into the 2019 new year. David Rio Chai is known for their “Endangered Species” chai tea line is individually inspired by endangered species around the world that are in need of preservation. As David Rio pairs with world renowned Animal Welfare Charitable Profits, each chai tea donates to the different endangered animals around the world. What a great conversation starter for these lengthy holiday parties to raise awareness for these endangered animals while also providing a seasonal cocktail that will give everyone a pep in their holiday step.

Below is the step by step ingredients for this delectable seasonal drink that will settle perfectly into everyone’s winter taste buds with a hint of cinnamon. This upcoming week of holiday chaos will be easy with these amazing tasty cocktails that are guaranteed to have everyone coming back for more.

Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass and serve. The key to perfecting this Dirty Chai inspired cocktail is adding the David Rio chai mix into the shaker first. Next, add the Kahlua and the Cacao Liquor. Then, add ice to the shaker before pouring the Vodka to enhance the chill of the dirty chai as you finalize the shaker with the Vodka (flavored vanilla vodka encouraged). Then to have a little pop to your spiced cocktail, add a dash of your favorite holiday spice such as cinnamon on top and you are set.

With the stress of the last minute gifts, and holiday party appetizers, this is the easiest cocktail that will make the perfect addition to the rest of the winter festivities.

Tune in for more blog posts and Kapitzky Fashion Collection launching in early 2019! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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