on August 25, 2018

MMMKK were getting real today with the FACTS as the end of summer hits, and the sun has reached its peak to the heat – and we all feeling right now. The impact of the sun while we are out enjoying Labor Day BBQ’s and hittin the last of the pool parties, outdoor workouts, and the remainder of the sun-infused activities really puts wear & tear to your skin. (duh everyone knows sun + skin = bad) But like..

Who would have thought?

So basically if you got anything from that it would be to wear SPF 24/7 because Melanoma and wrinkles are v REAL. And we don’t want that negativity in our life.

But wait, what is that? You don’t have a sunscreen that DOESN’T give you this overly oiled /off-scented substance that does more clogging than helping? AMMIRIGHT.

Well, your everyday life is in the sunlight, so an advanced sunscreen is a must.

So IMAGINE a sunscreen that can a c t u a l l y blend into any skin tone

We dislike loathe any extra oily, sticky, pigmented residue on our skin BEFORE we apply any make up or anything – like no thanks we’ll take the wrinkles and skin cancer before your chemical-filled sunscreen has a field day with clogging up my already oily pores.

But really, we just want SELF CARE AND WE WANT IT NO, is that so hard to ask? So, maybe a sunscreen that has both vitamin-efficient, and skin nourishing effects while ALSO protecting our skin? That would be fun.


We found a GENIUS formula developed by Dr. Garth Fisher himself, for a cocktail of perfected vitamin-rich elements that not only protect, but provide a flawless finish to your skin tone.


Seriously, it is clinically-tested and CHALK FULL of antioxidant tea extracts and ELEVEN botanical butters (YUM). Seriously no one has gone to this level of skin care and sunscreen. ALONG with ANTI-AGING serums that are seriously leaving our skin looking baby-fresh the more we go out in the sun!


“Hollywood photographers agree: DOC BLOCK makes skin look better in front of the camera. No chalkiness, no white cast—just glowing skin, with or without makeup.”


And how cute is the cheeky, white and rose gold packaging tied in a bow for $44.

Skincare is worth it, so, free your skin from harsh wrinkles and UV cancer and rewind your times!

We cannot get enough of this amazing cocktail of sun protection and anti-aging benefits that leave us looking fresh, glowing, and CANCER FREE.

Perfect for babies if you have children or have skin irritations, because its just THAT GOOD. Check them out on Instagram @garthfishermd or @dockblocksun


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