on May 6, 2018

As if it weren’t JUST the holiday season, May has suddenly lunged itself into the wake of adjustment to the Spring, and its “DAY DRINKING” SEASON.

Oh yes, the longer days and 4-hour brunch sessions are headed outdoors – sans a light sweater and fleeting feeling to cut it short and curl up in your warm blankets at home. We are now weekend warriors with the sun-packed and citrus-filled atmosphere of SUMMER TIME.

With May weekend amusements ahead: our first introduction into May includes the American-contaminated Mexican Holiday of Cinco De Drinko – I mean Mayo. Which happens to conveniently land on a beautiful Saturday this year.

Before getting all over the top with the infatuation of sugar-laden margarita mixes to coat the greasy chips and salsa consumption; try going about Cinco De Mayo this year in a refreshing, and actually BENEFICIAL way. Perhaps try keeping it cool this Cinco de Mayo with our

ACAI – the Brazilian bred berry that has vastly created a sensation among Brazilian natives. Only recently has it hit the bowls of local smoothie cafes and restaurants in American cuisine

The Mexican water with such underrated benefits it might actually be a little better than your typical H2O

The immense BENEFITS of the combo has us head first into a revitalizing Cinco De Mayo.

The worst part of a toxified Margarita is the terrible sugar hangovers and the cheap tequila usage to pair nicely with some slimy bar limes. NOPE NOT DOING IT. Its 2018 and we’re all about Self-Care – starting with our organic cocktails.

With the intense flavor of tequila, 100% agave tequila should always be tasted.
The excess sweet and sour syrups, sugary mixes, and flavored liquors masking the authenticity of a refreshing and light margarita – the way tequila should be enjoyed paired with lime juice.

However, we love putting a Brazilian spin on anything we can so we created an SKINNY SIMPLE Brazilian Margarita.

1.5 ounce blanco, 100% agave tequila
.5 ounce Contreu
3/4 fresh squeezed lime juice
2 ounces organic acai juice
5 acai berries
1 squeeze of a lemon
Salt on the rim (if preferred)
In a martini shaker mix 3/4 fresh lime juice, 2 ounces of organic acai juice, and one squeeze of lemon, then add Cointreau & tequila. Add ice to shaker.. Add ice to rimmed glass & shake and strain your cocktail over the ice. Garnish with a handful of about 5 acai berries.

FUN TIP: coat the rim of your margarita glass with a little organic agave nectar and top with salt for a new experience to the tequila combo

This crisp margarita is GAME CHANGING with the fresh ingredients, and health-boosting qualities. The benefits of both TEQUILA AND ACAI are astounding. Believe it or not, the agave plant and the acai berry surprisingly have very similar benefits and make a perfect complimentary pair.

SO- There is a way to do Cinco de Mayo with less calories and REFRESHING benefits from a little T & A.

With an ORGANIC 100% AGAVE tequila – there has more discoveries on the health benefits of the alcohol from pain relief to assisting diabetes and dementia- we’re surprised the doctor isn’t prescribing a daily dose of the alcohol too. The health benefits are far beyond any other standard alcohol.
100% Agave Tequila in fact:

  • Helps Weight loss
    o DID YOU KNOW – Tequila contains agavins which is a substance that essentially reduces fat absorption of the body! (should we start adding tequila to our green juices or… )

  • Aids Digestion
    o The high probiotic and prebiotic qualities of 100% agave tequila allow for intestinal digestion and increased metabolism
  • Hangover-Free
    oThe low sugar content and 100% agave benefits actually leave you feeling HANGOVER FREE the next morning if you stray away from sugary mixers.
  • Gluten free
    o I mean….who doesn’t love gluten free everything – but also gives you less guilt when you’re downing that late night pizza after a night out

The Acai berry ALSO has some mutual benefits as our friend Agave Tequila and some expanding benefits that cohesively create a unique “healthy” margarita combo. Just like Tequila, Acai also contains the benefits of:

  • Helps Weight Loss
    o The low sugar, high fiber, and high fat composition, the benefits to the body, and the brain
  • Low Sugar
    o PROTIP: Add this to any cocktail and you’re still in the hangover clear!
  • Aids digestion
    o This berry is bursting with fiber, and a variety of health boosting qualities that clear the intestine and aid in a healthy tract – just like tequila!

It is also CHALK FULL of ANTIOXIDANTS allowing even more benefits such as:

  • Anti-aging
    o With its unique anti-oxidant properties, the acai berry contains more anti-oxidants and health defining benefits that boost skin quality and deter aging.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Boosts Brain Power

The power couple of the weekend is ready to go – Tequila and Acai are here to take down the Cinco De Mayo weekend with a little side of SELF CARE.

With KAPITZKY’s Brazilian designed mind, be sure to see these trends in our upcoming new swimwear line as KAPITZKY has the “in” on the upcoming swimsuit trends that have yet to hit the shores of America!

Stay tuned for more updates on blog posts and clothing launch through our Instagram: @Kapitzkyofficial


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