on May 12, 2018

For some reason there is a stigma surrounded by simple fashion “don’ts” that would COMPLETELY change the fashion game if they were “DO’s”. With the standard “rules” of fashion throughout history, there has been a never changing textbook of unsaid fashion “no-nos” so to speak. But WHY? Who is this ruler of fashion do’s and don’ts?

As 2018 has been known for it’s “out there” concepts, trends, topics, politics and movements, one thing that we see around American revolutionizing trends is that 2018 is the year of CHANGING MINDSETS. So, why not embrace the release of societal “rules” and simply DRESS TO BE YOU –

It’s easy to get used to societal rules, norms, and unnecessary guidelines in the world of fashion. Why isn’t the mindset to BE YOUR OWN? Combine designers and brands that would never go together in a show room, but create a blend of individuality, creativity, and EASINESS. How easy is it to just dress what makes you you instead of listening to these rules of “avoiding” this when wearing that. Because YOU deserve to feel good in it.

Break the MINDSET of these cookie cutter fashion rules ITS 2018.


If there is one thing we can all agree on, it would be this whole silver vs. gold concept. Ultimately, the most draining part of dressing immaculately is matching every single detail of gold or silver to all cohesively be one color. But WHO said we couldn’t mix and match for a more stylish and versatile way of matching?

It’s the worst when you want to wear your favorite gold hoops with your hair up, but your chunky silver bangles would look perfect with your edgy bag.

When deciding on jewelry, layer different pieces together of gold and silver to have a flow of diversity throughout your look.

• Stack gold and silver bands on your fingers as a layer of rings to spark the notion of the silver and gold combo you are going for.
• Mix it up: Add a statement gold necklace with a delicate silver chain or VISA VERSA!
• Wear a stack of bangles that are mix and match to flow your own look and embrace the new idea that mix matching is the new black.
• Adding an edgy bangle can really tie in the silver detailing on your purse and the gold detailing on your shoes!

DGAF if your brown belt doesn’t match your black purse

One trend we cannot wait to go out is this color concept of what does or doesn’t match…

I’m pretty sure I see beautiful animals all the time rock black and brown so why can’t humans.
Mixing leather colors can be relieving while color blocking your entire look.


If they are two different color tans, or browns, or blacks, the best accent to pull together a multi-tan combo would be a scarf, or statement bag that blend the colors together.

It doesn’t even need to be leather to mix “blacklisted” color combos. My favorite looks combine my navy sweater with jet black sock boots. Add a brown belt and you are in color blocking business! Even grey and brown naturally flow beautifully together if paired with the right silver accents. Sometimes all you need is a statement necklace or bangle to tie it all together, but if you’re running late, your confidence is the best accessory.

Play for comfort?

Why hasn’t the PJ chic trend been a thing SOONER?! We all know the latest look that has been highlighted throughout daywear is a comfortable jumpsuit – but how about a nice evening out to dinner or a C L U B debuting a track suit or PJ set?? OH YES

It’s an inevitable comfort and confidence booster while sipping a G & T on a rooftop bar.
SILK OR SATIN is major key to creating a cohesive and effortless look to PJ night out- sans the eye ask.

Velvet and even COTTON jogger pants are the bomb with a lace top and a pair of booties. Seriously- you can pull off a cute pair of jogger sweats, or a track suit with some hot patent leather platforms and a bodysuit. Literally all you need is a swipe of lipstick and mascara and it might be the most effortlessly sexy look you could pull off.

Fanny packs have made a prevalent appearance throughout history as it is typically seen worn on 80s ravers and hikers sporting jeans
There is nothing sweeter than the safety of holding what means the most to you close- and that’s obviously your phone, wallet, keys, and MAC lip liner.

From a day out to a night on the town, the fanny pack is cuter than ever with adorable transformations to any outfit – including bodycon dresses, long skirts, jumpers, and a pantsuit.

There have been so many variations of the chic fanny pack, that it has become an epidemic of a security clutch and a hands-free system. Many are now wearing a fanny pack as a cross body bag instead of around the actual “fanny” as it ensures security of potential lost items and EASY ACCESSIBILTY! HELLO!

With KAPITZKY’s Brazilian designed mind, be sure to see these trends in our upcoming new swimwear line as KAPITZKY has the “in” on the upcoming swimsuit trends that have yet to hit the shores of America!

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