on June 10, 2018

Continued on from last week’s post of Natural Sun Kissed Confidence – one 2018 trend not mentioned is

F A C E      C H A N G I N G

to the new world of a “NATURAL” beauty: The Feathered Brow. We basically mean the unnatural-natural, because let’s be real not everyone can just have that natural woke up like this look without a LITTLE help from our handy dandy….BEAUTY PRODUCTS!

Continuing on from the final step of last week’s Natural Sun Kissed glow, the brow game was the final step to completing a tasteful finish to your overall “natural” dewy bronze.

This is one feature on the face that seems to accentuate the very aspect of your overall beauty routine. Somehow, (let’s face it)- we can up do an entire face, eyelashes, lips, and the full get up; but without the brows to match – it just does not look complete!

So, how can you keep the steps of your make-up routine to a minimum while still completing your look? Here are 2 game changing products we have found that spice up the arches and hit that WHISPY FEATHERED BROW. SOoOoOo IN this upcoming Spring/Summer 2018.

The Natural Feathered Brow-

First things first: shaping the brow to flow in a natural, yet tasteful direction, removing brow hairs are key to achieving a FLAWLESS feathered brow. Whether its tweezing, threading or waxing, the shape of the brow is the most important. For ultimate full-feathered, “natural” brows, it is important to focus more on the bottom base of the brow for a clean line.

Our personal ~fave~ brow designer is, Anthony Andrews – Kapitzky Designer’s regular brow stylist in Beverly Hills. Notorious for the creation of the effortless feathered brow, Anthony Andrews specializes in Milk & Honey all natural extracted wax, client consultations, and full 24K BROW facials. 24K BROW facials include milk and honey brow wax, charcoal detox wax, and 24K collagen boosting face masks. SO BROW CHANGING.

Here are the before and after photos from our last visit to the Beverly Hills location for a brow up do. To see the real results of the base for a natural feathered brow:

beauty, brow, fashion

To achieve a A-list brow while on a budget, tweezing at home is just as efficient for simple hair removal and natural brow shaping. For the trending feathered brow, all that is needed is hair removal of the bottom of the brow. It’s important to shape the full brow to enhance your eyes, so for precise tweezing or waxing on top of the brow, it is recommended to go to a professional.

brow tutorial, brow shaping, brow shape

With the brow pen hold the pencil upright on the middle of one nostril. The tip of the pen should hit the top of the nose bone where your natural brow should start. Mark the brow bone with the pen and pluck away any stray hairs that are on the outside of that line to mark the start of your brow.

Next, rotate the pen to lay directly on the outside of the iris on the pupil of the eye. The tip of the pen should hit where the arch of the brow should start. Mark the pen on the arch of the brow of the outer iris line and that should be the highest point of your bottom brow line.

Final step, rotate the brow pen from the nostril to the farthest outer point of your eye. The end of your brow tip should not go past the corner of your eyelid.

The key to LONG-lasting feathered brows is with two key tools:

A SOLID GO-TO brow gel

BROW GEL– something so easily over looked in the makeup routine, that is the glue to keeping your feathered brow up in place like a hair spray…. for the brow hairs.

TRI–feathered brow pen such as our personal fave : LashFOOD

LashFood; Brow Pen; beauty products natural eyebrow
Which features a long lasting micro-bladed pen with a smudge-proof finish. It gives the micro bladed easy feathery START- to finish, while providing a natural look each brush.

With the brow gel, brush the front of your brow fully upwards with straight upright brow hairs and slowly whisping the brow as you get towards the back end of the brow.

Using the brow pen, start a slight half centimeter back from the very front end of the brow when starting your brow pen strokes. The front of the brow should have strokes that start from the bottom of the brow to the top of the brow. Make sure that when you gel your brows upward, there will be a few hairs that are longer than the original base of the brow. Leave those be. Brush your wand upwards in a stroke that will end at the base of the original brow, and not the brushed up brow. That way, it will still have a NATURAL finish and the brush strokes blend with the brow.

After finishing the brow, to clean up the bottom half of the brow, a swipe of a concealer wand across the bottom of the brow to clean any uneven wand wisps.


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